Black Labrador 16" x 20" Mixed-Stitch Pillow
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Everybody Loves a Black Lab!! Black Lab, is MICHAELIAN HOME’S most popular dog selling pillow! A stunning handmade 16”x 20” Needlepoint and Petit Point pillow made from 100% wool. The labs are Petit Point allowing lots of realistic detail. The two Black Labs stand on pads of soft green grass. These are realistic labs and all lab owners love these pillows.They are hoping you will throw them a stick!
A bright red field adorns the Labs. A rich black fringe edges the pillow.

Handmade from 100% Wool with a cotton velvet zippered back. Removable insert. Dry Clean Only.

Comes with a poly insert. 

  • Item #: NCU-254
  • Manufacturer: Michealian Home
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: NCU-254
  • Condition: New

Black Labrador 16" x 20" Mixed-Stitch Pillow

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